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Griffin Business Management

Helping you optimize your real estate related projects in China

Griffin Business Management Services

Discover Our Expertise

Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Market Studies

Request an update on the Chinese real estate market (city/district/sector) of your choice

Location Advisory

Choose the right location in China for your business

Project Audit

Do you have an existing real estate project in China that isn't meeting your expectations?  Get an impartial opinion from experts on the ground.

Griffin Business Management Services

Discover Our Expertise

Team Meeting
Business Partners at Work

Leasing Strategy

Getting the right mix of tenants is an ongoing challenge, we can help in the planning, pre-leasing, or operational phases of your project.

Management Oversight

A shortage of management talent leaves projects vulnerable; we can second an experienced leader to get you through these transitions.

Bespoke Reports

If you have a specific research project related to real estate in China, contact us to discuss how we might assist.

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Exchange Tower 2, Unit 2925, 189 Nanjing Road, Heping District, Tianjin CHINA 300051

+86 (22) 2318-5020

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